Edgewater Addition

Working on a residential addition in the Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago. Adding living space closer to the garden!

City Boulevard Renovation

Here's a photo from a site visit today. This is mid-construction of a drop ceiling with cove lighting above a dining room.

Chicago River Stairs

These new stairs were completed just in time for the upcoming tour boat season! The project involved lowering the dock to accommodate the boat deck height and building new stairs between the esplanade level and the boat dock. We worked with Zera Construction.

Michigan Vacation House

Construction was completed last winter on this new 900-sf vacation house in Empire, Michigan. The site abuts a national park, and the house is designed primarily for outdoor living, with an expansive deck connecting two living pods. This energy-efficient house is tightly constructed, well-insulated, and uses a wood-burning stove as the main heat source.

This project was especially exciting for us as it represents the culmination of a delightful collaboration with the owners, who came to us with strong design ideas that meshed with our own principles of compactness, energy efficiency, honesty of materials, and modern aesthetics.


Damen Ave

The Damen Avenue house renovation and addition is nearing completion. The owner is excited that he can begin his planting in time for the springtime growing season.